Thursday, 05 December 2019
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The work within the INTE-TRANSIT project is divided into three different workpackages that work complementary with each other, to ensure a good organization and smooth programming while achieving simultaneously a fine level of cooperation.


The project is structured as follows:

Work Package 1

 This Work Package deals with the administrative and financial monitoring as well as the steering and coordination of the partnership and the different work packages.All partners will participate in WP1 concerning their own financial and administrative management. Activities in the WP started with the project Kick-off-meeting (held in Athens, Greece) on M1 of the project and will continue until the end of its duration.

Work Package 2

This Work Package includes all the dissemination and awareness raising activities of the project consortium. Dissemination includes the development of a project website, the production of project dissemination material, the establishment of a wide group of stakeholders at National and International levels expected to benefit from project outcomes, the organization of 2 workshops, as well as ground laying for future transfer and replication of project methodologies/tools to other MED countries. The INTE-TRANSIT consortium, following a specific dissemination and capitalization strategy is committed to take every opportunity and use all available channels in order to disseminate the project results and share best practices, opinions, interact and involve all stakeholders. In this framework, training sessions are also foreseen and will be provided towards the Port Authorities and Transport/Logistics partners of the project. These will be focused on the logistic and security frameworks enhancement towards containers’ transportation, ICT and modern technologies towards improved communication, security and more efficient transnational cooperation as well as ways of promotion of the Med area with the North European regions. Exchange visits for Port Authorities and Operators will be also organized, to examine participating partners’ particular needs, solutions innovative frameworks of operation and the results of the pilots conducted within the project.

Work Package 4

This Work Package includes all activities towards the improvement of port terminal information management systems. WP participants will be working on the extraction of the Ports and their logistic areas´ actual requirements leading to needs and actions highlighted as challenges from the end-users’ side. Processes between participating ports and their associated logistic areas will be analyzed to find improvement areas to increase their efficiency. The results will be used to design an optimum model for information exchanges as well as cargo track/monitoring for ports. In addition, ICT technologies will be used for containers’ tagging and monitoring, enhancing their traceability inside the port terminals. Tagging will include information such as the container number (ID), origin/destination and status of goods inside. Additionally the development of a modern container positioning system will be realized, based on cutting edge techniques, inducing improved intra-terminal processes and reducing the corresponding operation congestions. Also technology that facilitates the exchange of information between ports and logistic areas, and therefore the flow of goods, will be implemented. An information exchange optimum model for ports and logistics activity areas will be designed, including a common processes model, casuistries and a common scoreboard for analyzed processes. The integration of the several modules, which will be developed during the project, will also take place in this WP in a cohesive and operable manner. This will include the configuration of the suitable interfacing and data preparation, so that tracking and monitoring data will be securely communicated to the data exchange platform. The proposed system will have the ability to operate and collaborate with the existing ports’ IT infrastructure. The features of INTE-TRANSIT system will be demonstrated through 2 Groups of pilot activities.