Thursday, 05 December 2019
English (UK)

Τhe INTE-TRANSIT specific objectives can be summarized as follows:


  • Enhance MED port capabilities so as to better face the increased competition by simplifying administrative procedures and tackling delays resulting from high volumes of goods and to provide better and more reliable container tracking.
  • Strengthen the co-operation and networking links between MED ports, the relevant authorities and all the actors in maritime transportation.
  • Reduce intra-port congestion issues via enhanced container localisation and queuing through the use of modern/emerging technologies (e.g. DGPS, RFID, OCR).
  • Aid port logistics and operations as well as infra-structure upgrade activities through the integration of existing information management with the INTE-TRANSIT framework as demonstrated and validated in the project.
  • Enhance knowledge of the personnel involved in ports’ operations on new ICT technologies, information management systems and so forth.
  • Support the cohesion between procedures and organizational and regulatory frameworks, aiming at maximising cost and time efficiency between all relevant port actors.
  • Contribute to the operational efficiency both of motorised land equipment and ships by aiming at minimising queues and by improving equipment utilisation, thus endeavouring to reduce exhaust-gas emissions and thereby contributing towards a “green-port” concept via a reduced carbon footprint.