Sunday, 08 December 2019
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During the project lifetime five pilot activities will run in 4 MED countries, to demonstrate improvement of logistic systems and port operations using the proposed new INTE-TRANSIT technologies.


INTE-TRANSIT pilots are separated in two groups:


  1. Group A:  Application of ICT technologies on container/cargo  tracking/monitoring,

Port of Koper, port of Piraeus, Port of Valencia


The group A pilot activities will include the installation of a Tracking, Monitoring and Localisation System (RFID, DGPS,…) on the container terminal equipment (e.g RTGC) and trucks, enhancing the existing INTRA-TERMINAL containers’ control and management  systems. The positioning and monitoring data of this system will be collected, filtered and processed through the INTE-TRANSIT management platform.


  1. Group B:  Electronic tool/platform to implement the management model designed including the scoreboard associated

Port of Naples, port of Algeciras Bay


The group B pilot activities will include the improvement of Port’s logistic management system between the ports and the logistic areas. The concept of this Group includes not only the definition of novel methodologies for the enhancement of existing logistic procedures but also the utilization of modern technologies (uniform data exchange platforms, OCR, RFID) in order to integrate the collection, control and process of the logistic business data (e.g. container info, truck scheduling, etc.) into a common logistics platform.