Sunday, 08 December 2019
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A Successful Fifth Training Activity for INTE-TRANSIT

The INTE-TRANSIT project organised its 5th Training activity under the theme: “Innovation in ports: towards a smarter and more sustainable net of ports in the Mediterranean Sea” in Piraeus, Greece, on 23 June 2015. This event was the last of a series of training activities organised during INTE-TRANSIT runtime so as to achieve the partners’ goal towards the establishment of a cooperation framework between relevant stakeholders, to facilitate best-practice exchange, cooperation and training of personnel.  

The basic objectives of the event were:

  • To understand the innovation process in ports, from the detection of the opportunity to the new product, services or process, including the design process of the innovation strategy in ports aligned to the general port strategy.
  • To understand the importance of the innovation process in ports as well as the role of ICT: key factors, business models and relations, drivers, obstacles and solutions.
  • To find out about real cases in ports concerning the adoption of innovation: best practices learnt from the INTE-TRANSIT project and pilots: INTE-TRANSIT port container terminal management system & INTE-TRANSIT port – hinterland logistics management system. 

The trainers were experts coming from well known companies and organisations as ICCS, IAT, APPA and SEAbility.


IMG 2100 1  IMG 2102 1


The thematic areas that were addressed and thoroughly discussed during this training event were the following:

  • Innovation Process and cycle – aligned with port strategy.
  • ICT related innovations. 
  • Container Terminal Innovations with an energy & environmental impact.

A poster and demo session was held in parallel through which the INTE-TRANSIT management system and the INTE-TRANSIT dashboard were showcased to the approximately 30 participants. A very interesting and didactic visit to the port facilities of Piraeus Container Terminal completed the agenda of the last INTE-TRANSIT training activity hosted by the PCT partners. 

The training activity presentations can be found here.