Thursday, 05 December 2019
English (UK)

INTE-TRANSIT participation in the MED Annual event

The INTE-TRANSIT coordinator, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), and the project partner, Valenciaport Foundation, participated in the MED Annual event, which was held in Lisbon on the 23rd and 24th of October 2013. Several transnational cooperation projects in the Mediterranean were presented as well as their access points and projects’ concrete results.
ICCS presented the INTE-TRANSIT concept to many event participants and project representatives through the booth sessions. Particular liaison activities included contacts with projects such as: TERENO-MED (Terrestrial Environmental Observatories in the Mediterranean region), PORTA (PORTs as a gateway for Access inner regions), MEDESS4MS (MED Decision Support System for Marine Safety), TERCONMED (Container Terminals as Key Elements in Short Sea Shipping in the Mediterranean) and MEDNET (simplifying and harmonizing maritime and port procedures within the Mediterranean region) while Valenciaport Foundation got the chance to exchange views and experiences with other European partners, participants in the projects OPTIMIZEMED, MEDNET, FUTUREMED, MAREMED and BACKGROUNDS among others..
During the booth sessions, several discussions took place regarding the implementation of common strategies and planning procedures towards the improvement of the strategic role of ports as well as maritime and logistics enhancement of ports. It is expected that INTE-TRANSIT will also have a booth at the next MED event so that its results and progress can be presented to the MED (and port) communities.
Closing, ICCS had the opportunity to discuss with the JMA representative Luca Palazzo (Joint Managing Authority ENPI CBC MED Programme) and the Cyprus NCP (Planning Bureau, Cyprus) on the status of the programme and current challenges.